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It's the agency's work to organize the process under exclusive control with clear checkpoints to obtain a brilliant result.

Equipment rental Almaty Hilton

About us

We have earned a reputation in the market as a reliable supplier who strives to organize the process as conveniently and clearly as possible for the client, when everything is under control without unnecessary calls and clarifications. We love to work for pleasure and take care of the nerves and feelings of each client.
The quality of conference interpretation and equipment makes a great contribution to the overall success of the event. We select interpreters and translators based on a number of requirements for the project to make your event not only memorable, but also as beneficial as possible for you.
Cities of Kazakhstan in which we provide services. Main points include Astana, Almaty, Turkestan, Shymkent, Shchuchinsk, Uralsk, Petropavlovsk, Karaganda, Taldykorgan
Successful large projects in addition to an impressive number of small projects up to 100 participants. We know how to work with large sites, namely up to the specifics of the delivery and installation of equipment
Our beloved and cherished regular clients whom we cherish and cherish. Single projects are good for portfolio, but our main focus is building long-term mutually beneficial cooperation
Cabaret seating
Location: Almaty, Roof Garden Restaurant, Hilton

- Projector 5000 lm
- Screen 2*2

- Good projector
- Large screen so that everyone can see
- Moderate budget

- Excellent projector with a resolution of 5000 lumens and a large 2*2 screen
- The sound was taken from the site to reduce budget costs

The result is a beautiful, minimalist event for customers with excellent technical support and timely installation.

Sometimes equipment can be configured to match what is available on site. This solution helps reduce the budget. This is only possible if the existing equipment is operating well.
Olessya Leiman
CEO & Founder
Our services
We are a sound choice of the Forbes enlisted private companies in Kazakhstan
High-level professionals who have earned a reputation at top-ranking events with the participation of top officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan are involved in our projects.
Our interpreters and translators understand that translation services are required to promote a brand, purchase a franchise, develop new markets, establish new partnerships and alliances, report on work done6 etc. This is more than just translation, it is about creating new relationships and boosting the national economy.
Interpretation & Translation
Our technical experts perfectly understand all the real tasks of the event and help in every way to achieve an overall impressive result, because equipment is a fairly serious part of any event, since competent installation and technical support contribute to efficient duration and results of the event.
Equipment rental
Notarized translation requires clear transmission of information and convenience of the process of submitting a document and receiving it. We adhere to the policy of maintaining high quality translations with the most clear and convenient work process. Choosing us you can relax and wait for the result, whether it is obtaining a visa, grant, access, work or nostrification.
Notarized translation
We are involved in a group of companies for a reason; we have an interesting project - Isker Shujick. It is a marketing agency that offers brilliant solutions for business promotion, scaling and franchising. We like to make names, reputation, get a easy and free advertising and increase sales of Kazakh brands and companies.
Why you should choose us
It is more about understanding what the client really needs. We work for results, seeing them not in the presence of a translator on site, but in established contacts, signed agreements, given knowledge (if it is a seminar) and successful sales.
Any event involves the interaction of a number of contractors and parties. Our task is to do our job clearly and on time on our part and provide maximum support when interacting with other participants and contractors of the event, since it is cohesive work that produces brilliant results.
In addition to the quality of service provided, our priorities and focus are also the peace of mind and confidence of the client. Our reputation is built precisely on clear and coordinated work, resulting in our long-term contracts. Our policy is a totally clear and convenient process for the client.
how we work
Step 1
We receive your request online by call, message on WhatsApp or Telegram, or during a meeting and discuss all the technical details of the event (it usually takes about 10-15 minutes). We need to get the informations such as the date, topic, languages and number of participants.
We receive technical specifications / request from you
Step 2
We provide calculations immediately in the messenger, if it is urgently needed, or we send a commercial offer by email. Next, we negotiate the terms of payment (prepayment without a contract or 50/50 or postpayment with a contract). We can use our contract or yours, either way is okay with us.
we provide calculations
Step 3
Preparation for installation takes place in advance. Many sites have access systems, and we prepare data or letters with lists (equipment, technicians and interpreters). Installation takes place the day before the event and most often in the evening/ night (as it happens, hotels are not ready earlier). The morning before the event, all systems are checked. Interpreters and technicians arrive on time and do their job brilliantly.
installation and implementation
Step 4
Dismantling occurs at the end of the event. Interpreters leave the site, deleting all provided materials as part of maintaining the confidentiality of information. The accounting department prepares all closing documents to be sent to the agreed address.
dismantling and accounting
about us
We love our work and our business, and at the same time we are actively developing in other areas of life: we devote time to sports, hobbies and family. We love quizzes, especially classics and “cinema and music.” Our team has already proven itself on such franchises as “Quiz, please” and “EinstainParty”. We also have cats and we do everything to give them a better life <3

our team
Professional interpreter/translator with a reliable reputation in the market. A key person in the company’s business processes and organizing the supervision of the event, both from the technical side and equipment and from the selection of interpreters and translators.
Professional interpreter/translator, as well as an irreplaceable element of the event coordination process, who will work out for you all the issues with the hotel, materials and time of arrival of the interpreters.
Patron of the translation department and the main guarantor of the quality of the output text. Master of Science in Literature with many years of experience in translation and editing.
technical block
Chief Technical Officer
Head of the technical department, responsible for logistics between projects and cities. Monitors technical assignments, installations and dismantlings. Purchases new equipment and researches all the new products on the market.
Main technical coordinator, assists the technical director. Works out lists for arrival at the site and any coordination issues with the customer. Technical hotline for the customer.
Technical experts
We have our own technicians in each city; unfortunately, there not enough space for all the names. They all are highly skilled professionals interested in new things and innovations of all kind. True nerds in a good meaning of this word, who will do everything at the highest level, because they cannot do otherwise.
our clients
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We work throughout Kazakhstan.
Head office in Astana:
30 Beibitshilik Street